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While the level is slowly drowning in poisonous water you have to start defending your rightfull place on top of the hill. But now; you can also heal other players with your heal gun. Form alliances and betray trust to get the advantage. Because in the end, THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE.

This mod is a gamemode for Garry's Mod, which is hosted on a private server. To connect to the server use the following console command:

connect overflowgaming.net:27018

Install instructions

Join to the official server on overflowgaming.net:27018

Host a Garry's Mod dedicated server and place the contents of this zip file in garrysmod/addons/healerhill/

such that the gamemodes folder is located at: garrysmod/addons/healerhill/gamemodes

Startup the server and connect using your Garry's Mod client


healerhill.zip 6 MB

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